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New to Puppy Linux?

This review gives a very good introduction, with many screenshots. After reading it, you will likely find this tutorial on installing Puppy Linux helpful.

Puppy Linux 412 is an operating system that supports many vintage computers, including Pentium II-era machines.

Special thanks to tuxtoo, who has turned the 412 Collection over to us. We wish him the best, and appreciate his assistance during this transition.

dave64 and mikeb, April 2015

Latest Additions


Posted on 22-Apr-2015

*Here's a fast, lightweight browser that works well with low-resource hardware, released in late 2014. Compiled by mikeb.


Posted on 22-Apr-2015


Surf the web anonymously by concealing your user data and location. This is an early-2015 release, unbundled and prepared by us. It allows Tor to be used with browsers that have a manual proxy-configuration option. For more information, visit the TOR website.

Updated office apps

Posted on 22-Apr-2015

*LibreOffice 3.4.6 (.sfs 3.0) and smaller SoftMaker FreeOffice 2012 .pets replace the previous office-app .pets that were hosted here. (Because of their size, they could cause problems during installation.) Also, SoftMaker's TextMaker Free is now available as a stand-alone .pet.

PC-shutdown fix

Posted on 25-Jan-2015

acpi_poweroff.jpgIs your PC / laptop shutting down when you press the power button, instead of bringing up a dialog box like it's supposed to? darry1966 has found a solution.


Posted on 21-Jan-2015

wxhexeditor.jpgFew hex editors are available for Puppy. However, wxHexEditor is among the best. For more information, visit the official website.

Updated versions of Gimp-2.4.5

Posted on 14-Jan-2015

*tuxtoo has assisted us in repackaging Gimp-2.4.5, originally prepared by ttuuxxx.

These full and lite versions contain several extras:

  • Gimp Save-for-web for reducing image file size.
  • High-pass filter, which sharpens images and is easier to use than USM (unsharp mask).
  • Simulated green, orange, red and yellow filters to convert colour images to black and white with simulated colour filters.
  • Puppy Gimp splash screen.
  • Gutenprint in the Print menu.
  • Print a CD label in Xtns / Misc / CD label.
  • libgio-2.0 (146K) to stop dependency error.

412 Collection moved; please update your bookmarks.

Posted on 10-Jan-2015

The 412collection.co.uk domain name expires on 07-Jul-2015 and will not be renewed. 412collection.co.uk moves permanently to free hosting at: http://neocities.org/.

If anyone wishes to contribute .pets, or anything else Puppy-412 related, please contact us.

Thunderbird v12 e-mail client

Posted on 27-Nov-2014


dbus/dbus-glib and font fixes have been added to version 12, so it's ready to run.

Wget vulnerability in pre-1.16 versions

Posted on 03-Nov-2014


Puppy Linux users should install this and the Shellshock package below, which fix two recently discovered Linux bugs.

All current and past versions of Puppy are affected, but community members have provided a patch. For Puppy 412, see Wget entry here.

Bash vulnerability aka Shellshock

Posted on 26-Sep-2014 (Updated 6-Oct-2014)

*You may have heard media reports about the Shellshock vulnerability. Community members have applied a patch to the Bash shell.

For the latest information about how this affects Puppy Linux, please check here.

We have included the updated patched version of Bash below. Special thanks to mavrothal.

Download (567kb): bash-3.0.22-i486.pet

Puppy 415

Posted on 06-Aug-2014 (Updated version 22-Apr-2015)


Here's a rather nice Xfce puplet from mikeb. It's based on Puppy 412, and includes Gimp-2.4.6 and a very nice Dropbox GUI, plus other goodies.


Posted on 07-May-2014


FlBurn is a CD burner packaged by darry1966. It's very simple, and works well with ISOs and older pups on low-RAM hardware.

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