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This is not an advertisement but a referral to help us get more storage space for 412 Collection packages.

Puppy Linux 412 is an operating system compatible with many vintage computers, including AMD K6 and Intel Pentium II-era machines. Operating systems and software are hosted here in 412 Collection.

Latest Additions

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Changes to existing packages

Posted on 08-Apr-2017

tools_tn.pngUpdates for Puppy 412 (dosfstools).


Posted on 08-Apr-2017

muzip_tn.pngDrag-and-drop archiver for .tar.gz and .zip formats.

XZ Utils

Posted on 08-Apr-2017

xz_tn.pngDrag-and-drop archiver for .lzma and .xz formats.


Posted on 31-Jan-2017

aterm_tn.pngTerminal emulator with visual effects.


Posted on 31-Jan-2017

netmon_tn.pngAn improved and more comprehensive network monitor.


Posted on 22-Sep-2016

audacity_tn.pngMulti-track audio editor and recorder.

Changes to existing packages

Posted on 22-Sep-2016

tools_tn.pngUpdates for Puppy 412 (gtk1 and tcl/tk), and Xfdiff.

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