Operating Systems

Download this guide for instructions on how to install Puppy on a flash drive. Then boot from it without having to burn a CD.

Download (423kb): make-a-puppy-flash-drive.pdf

Puppy 412-based ISOs

412 original versions

Can't find them? They're also available here:

Download (95mb): puppy-4.1.2-k2.6.25.16-seamonkey.iso
Download (95mb): puppy-4.1.2retro-k2.6.21.7-seamonkey.iso
Download (79mb): devx_412.sfs (compiling tools for developers)

Barebones puplets

Here are the main versions:

Download (56.8mb): puppy-4.1.2-barebones.iso

Download (57.3mb): puppy-4.1.2-barebones-retro.iso

Download (57.2mb): g_pup-1.2.iso

And here's tuxtoo's version, a bit larger than Barebones and G Pup. Still contains the libraries needed to reinstall the removed packages, plus the libraries to allow Opera to view Flash videos in full screen if SeaMonkey is not installed. Wallpaper setter is fixed; it also has new wallpaper, GTK and JWM themes.

Download (71mb): puppy-412-lite.iso

Nearly Office Pup

Includes Xfce desktop environment, but no office apps. It's intended for flash-drive installation, with an optional office-package .sfs file. It can also be installed to hard drive.

Download (83.3mb): puppy-412-NOP.iso

Puppy 415

Includes Xfce desktop environment, Dropbox GUI, Gimp-2.4.6, and more. From mikeb.

Download (101.1mb): Pup_415_v2.3.iso

Puppy Artists Workshop

Download (353.8mb): PAW_RC-2.iso

Webserver Puppy

Download (95.1mb): webserverpuppyx1.iso (Apache)
Download (73.7mb): webserverpuppy1.iso (Hiawatha)

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