Bash vulnerability aka Shellshock


You may have heard media reports about the Shellshock vulnerability. Community members have applied a patch to the Bash shell.

For the latest information about how this affects Puppy Linux, please check here.

We have included the updated patched version of Bash below. Special thanks to mavrothal.

Download (567kb):



A GUI for printers.

Download (118kb):

Java Runtime Environment


Required for some applications. Use the older version with AMD K-6 and early Pentium processors.

Download (36mb):
Download (37mb): jre1.6.0_32-2.sfs

PC-shutdown fix


Does your PC / laptop shut down when you press the power button, instead of displaying a dialog box like it's supposed to?

darry1966 has found a solution. Download one of the acpid dotpets below and add acpi=force to the .xinitrc file. Then press the power button, and your computer should shut down properly. More information is available here.

Download (15.4kb):
Download (15.7kb):

Updates for Puppy 412


Includes updated dosfsck and mkdosfs, plus dosfslabel. Also modified for full compatibility with Puppy versions 214x and 301.

Download (54kb):

Improved fonts from Wary 5. Replaces the tight, hard-to-read letter spacing common in older Puppy versions.

Download (5.6kb):

Eliminates most missing-libgio errors.

Download (647kb):

A mild system-core library update that won't break Puppy 412's built-in apps.

Download (1.3mb):

Dependencies for older gtk1-based apps.

Download (54kb):
Download (523kb):

Bugfix for Puppy 412's standard gtk2.

Download (2mb):

Compatible with newer Puppy 4-series scripts and gtkdialog3. Also provides a simple gtk2 GUI for script writers. Requires above; no core library (glibc/libc) updates are needed.

Download (91kb):

Bugfix for Puppy 412's standard window manager.

Download (74kb):

Last libstdc++ version compatible with Puppy 412. Supports apps that use C++.

Download (323kb):

Dependencies for tcl/tk-based apps.

Download (601kb):
Download (620kb):

darry1966 offers a more comprehensive system-core update, available here, which allows Puppy 412 to run newer packages. Details are here. Please note that this update may cause problems, so use at your own risk.



Run Windows or another Linux distro from within Puppy Linux. Now separated into modular packages: main, help and webserver. Requires kernel; will not work properly with Puppy 412 retro.

Download (25mb):
Download (25mb):

Wget vulnerability in pre-1.16 versions


Puppy Linux users should install this and the Shellshock package above to fix two late-2014 Linux bugs.

All current and past versions of Puppy are affected, and community members have issued patches. Download and install package below.

Download (660kb):

Xorg video drivers


These text files list the drivers contained in each .zip:

First, install this dependency:
Download (14.7kb):

Then, install the correct driver(s):
Download (719kb):
Download (879kb):
Download (823kb):

More information is available here.

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